How to apply a wig from start to finish?

Wigs are the fashion trend all over the world, you can use the the hair wigs to translate your hair style without damaging your own natural hair, or if you have thin hair, hair extension will be a brilliant choice to give you a full and thick hair.A wig can transform your look in a matter of minutes.As a new wearer,how to apply your wig is a basic tecnique, so here are the steps for you from start to finish.


All tools are ready, now let is wear the wig,follw the steps below:


1.Try on the wig and cut the lace off the carefully
2.Cleanup hairline with alcohol pad,to clean up the oil on your forehead,
3.Brush the edges back with toothbrush
4.Apply some glue around hairline
5.Use blow dryer on cool setting to dry the glue until the glue is tacky
6.Put on the wig from back to form and adjust the wig in place
7.Use the teeth of the comb to push lace onto gel on your forehead
8. Press the lace onto your head to make it in place
9.Tie a tape around your forehead for an hour to make the wig fixed firmly.
10.Customize the hairline with a toothbrush